Rich Internet Applications

So, you want a Rich Internet Application, or an RIA, you say? You’ve come to the right place!

RIAs are applications that can be written once and run on multiple platforms, including web browsers, desktop applications, and mobile applications. RIAs have the ability to be run on any operating system, including Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Apple iOS, Google Android, and many distributions of Linux, including Ubuntu.

AtomicGarden has specialized in RIA development based on the Adobe Flash platform since 1997. (We stopped making Flash intros for web pages about six months later.) Adobe Flex allows us to create amazing applications, and those applications can run almost anywhere thanks to the Adobe AIR platform.

AtomicGarden can help you create:

  • Desktop applications with flexible, amazing user interfaces and experiences
  • Kiosks and demonstration stations with amazing user experiences
  • Mobile applications for multiple platforms
  • Multimedia web, mobile, and desktop applications
  • Applications that can run anytime, anywhere

So, still need that Rich Internet Application? Contact us to discuss your project or to get more information.

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