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Does This Sound Familiar?

"When Are We Going Live?"

Your customers are asking for new features they were promised months ago – and they want them now. There’s a risk that churn will skyrocket. Despite the best efforts of your product development team, morale is low and there’s no deployment date in sight.

"Your Competitor Does This..."

The biggest competitor in your space just released a game-changing new feature. Their publicity, blog posts, and videos are causing a stir. While your clients are shopping for a new vendor, your team is looking at your product roadmap as a roadblock.

"It's a Huge Opportunity!"

Your team has identified a problem in the market that no one has solved. First mover advantage is at stake. Meanwhile, your existing customers need to use Excel to finish the one task your product is supposed to solve. Can you afford to pivot when MRR is on the line? 

AtomicGarden Can Solve It.

Ryan N. Bennett

Ryan N. Bennett

I’m Ryan N. Bennett, Founder of AtomicGarden and Principal Consultant. I have over 20 years of experience delivering features that your customers and your bottom line love.

I improve the product development and delivery process at every organization I work with. From small startups to established enterprise, I produce results that make your team productive, your clients rave, your costs lower, and your customer LTV higher.

LinkedIn Testimonials

Ryan is a wonderful high spirited, down to earth and honest leader. He deals with contracts, vendors, HR, high level executives and all the while he is deep down a technologist. I’ve seen him in some stressful situations. He maintains his cool, rationalizes, and then works towards an objective all the while maintaining relationships. 

Brian Sulka

Chief Operating Officer, KH International

I worked with Ryan for a few years and he was excellent in every regard. He brought structure and process to our development approach, and was a great project manager during our transition from start-up to rapid growth.

Lori Brenner

Vice President of Physicianology, Tea Leaves Health

Ryan has been very instrumental in bringing about process transformation…and has brought in his expertise in project management, development methodologies (SCRUM)…He has a good understanding of business needs, excellent interpersonal skill and has reached across teams to help in areas outside of product development. 

Vishy Narayanan

Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Yooniko

A Proven Process.


I find opportunities to optimize your entire product delivery process, from feature conception to feature deployment. Together, we create a clear path to execution with a roadmap that is immediately actionable.


I work with your product development team to design compelling SaaS product features and a plan to validate their potential for success. Together, we choose the best technologies, vendors, talent, and infrastructure for your business.


I implement Agile project management and lean product development methodologies to ensure continuous delivery of key SaaS product features. Flexibility to pivot when a market opportunity presents itself is built into the process. 

Proven Results.

Reduce Churn

Through meeting directly with customers, understanding their pain points, evaluating the existing roadmap and optimizing the product delivery process, I helped a Healthcare CRM SaaS increase their annual customer contract renewal rate 15% year over year.

Increase MRR / ARR

Getting new and updated features into the hands of your customers keeps them engaged and helps drive customer success.  Engaged, successful customers generate referrals and increased marketing ROI. I worked with a Healthcare SaaS to increase the number of deployments by over 400% annually.

Reduce Costs

Consistent, frequent delivery of high-value features and rapid validation of their success leads to lower product development cycle times, high morale, and low talent turnover. I helped an education SaaS reduce delivery costs by 90% through optimizing their product development process.

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